Leadership Qualities Every Manager Should Have

Leadership Qualities Every Manager Should Have

“I am more afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion than an army of 100 lions led by a sheep.” there’s no better quote to show how important the role of a good manager is. Without a good leader, the team will not produce good results, no matter how skilled they are. This brings out the question about the qualities a manager should posses in order to be a good leader.


A good leader is the one who never backs down. No matter how difficult the things are, a good leader will stay with the team, no matter what. In fact, the manager with good leadership qualities will look to give more to the company than the rest of the team, thus giving them a good example. In practice, this means that the manager will sometimes have to get to work before everyone else and to stay up late.

On top of that, the manager with prominent leadership qualities will be more ambitious than the rest of the team, urging them to give their best. Still, a good manager is not a slave driver, but a friend of the employees. A true leader will feel when the other members of the team are unhappy and will make sure that changes.

Focus of the Goal

In order to be successful, every manager should have a set of goals in their mind. This means that they are focused on achieving only one goal at a time. This allows them to be totally on it and finish the job as soon as possible. In achieving their goals, real leaders will not get distracted by insignificant things. For a manager to be a successful leader, it is more important the quality of work than the quantity.


Employees need to have a good role model in their manager. That is why one of the most important traits of every manager should be decisiveness. Making decisions and sticking to them is one of the most important leadership qualities, but this doesn’t mean a manager should be stubborn. On the contrary, a true leader will admit a mistake when they realize it.

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