Best Leadership Styles for a Successful Business

Best Leadership Styles for a Successful Business

By definition, leadership is the ability of a manager to lead a group of people, influencing them to produce their best in order to achieve the goals of the company. A good leader is the one that can make people follow him or her. Although managers are educated to be good leaders, there isn’t a universal rule on how to influence all people.

Because different group of people are motivated by different things, the leadership tactic needs to be planned according the member of the team. That means that there can be an infinite number of different leadership styles. Still, the best way to achieve higher productivity is to customize one of the most common leadership styles in order for it to fit the company’s needs and employees’ traits.

Good Leadership Styles

Democratic leadership style allows employees to have a say in the company’s business strategy. Before every major decision, the management will consult the employees as they are the ones who have more knowledge about the things related directly to the business. Once the employees express their wishes and needs, the manager will make a decision. This leadership style allows requires the manager to be decisive, but doesn’t need them to do a big research before making the decision.

Another good leadership style is the so-called free style. The manager gives the employees a total freedom in making decisions. This leadership style diminishes the role of the manager and can be sometimes rather risky. In this case, the manager’s role is mostly to motivate the employees. It only works if the members of the team are motivated to help the company go forward. Because of that, this leadership style is mostly used in small companies, whose teams are made of friends or family members.

Bad Leadership Style

Manager has the power to make decisions related to the future of the company. Sometimes, too much power means that they can abuse it, at the expense of the whole company. The autocratic leadership style can be very dangerous as letting one person to make all decisions can’t be good for the company.

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